Always Hire A DJ with Nightclub Experience

Working in a nightclub is a rite-of-passage for DJs. The experience can be applied to many other environments. There are a few behaviors we’ll highlight here that are common among club DJs, but can be difficult to learn anywhere else.

Our top 3 reasons you should hire a DJ who has experience working in dance clubs.

1. You learn to balance your own wants with those of your employer and the crowd, or you get fired

Many DJs think that being an established DJ means you focus on what you want, and since you’re the DJ, people are supposed to enjoy it just because you play it. The truth is that you earn that level of respect by playing music that people enjoy. Over time they begin to trust you.

If you’re a good DJ, it’s never all about you.

When Djing at a night club, you’ll quickly learn how to balance your own musical taste with what works for the crowd and the person who hired you. If you don’t, you’ll probably get fired.

If your entire career has been as a mobile DJ people may decide not to work with you again, but you usually don’t get fired. And if you’re not really bad, you probably won’t get any negative feedback either.

There’s just something about the possibility of getting replaced by another DJ that keeps you on your toes.

2. You learn how to work a dance floor, or you get fired

Working in a dance club forces you to learn the skills it takes to pack the dance floor and keep it packed. If you don’t have a good feel for song selection, the ability to transition well from one song to the next, and the capability to pace yourself  (so you don’t play all of the most exciting songs in the first 30 minutes), you’ll probably get fired.

3. You probably got fired and learned from it

Are you noticing a pattern here? Whether it was because you hadn’t developed your skills fully, or another DJ undercut you by charging a lower price, getting served a pink slip causes you to question your own DJ abilities and hopefully develop better ones.

It’s not guaranteed that any DJ with club experience will be the best fit for your event. But, having the possibility of being replaced looming over your head encourages you to develop good skills. Of course for your event, you’ll want to check for good references to make sure the DJ wasn’t spending more time being fired than being developed.

Finally, we’d suggest you make sure the DJ you hire (in addition to having club experience) is able to be appropriate for your particular occasion. That being said, nightclubs do train you to be consistently good over time, and that’s a skill set every DJ should have.

By the way, the Snapfuze DJs, DJ C4 & DJ Graffiti each have more than 10 years of experience DJing in clubs across Michigan and throughout the United States.