About Us

Owners of Snapfuze Photo Booth & DJ Services Martin Smith & Andy Yim

Snapfuze’s Owners Martin Smith & Andy Yim

Snapfuze is a partnership between Andy Yim (DJ C4) and Martin Smith (DJ Graffiti), nationally known Michigan based DJs that have planned, promoted and DJed events together since the late 90’s. The two have performed events with artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Eminem, Snoop Dogg & Big Sean & Diddy.

In 2009 Martin & Andy launched Snapfuze, a Michigan Photo Booth and DJ Services company. It was a natural fit with both DJs having years of experience in entertainment, event planning, and the same dedication to excellent customer service.

In addition to being world class DJs, both Andy and Martin bring other professional experience to the table. Andy is a computer programmer, and Martin is a UofM Law Grad and marketing consultant. In 2013 Drew “DJ Zu” Zuniga was added to the Snapfuze DJ roster. Being a banker, he has the same combination of professional skills and years of party rocking experience.

We’ve DJed just about every type of event possible from weddings, to club nights, concerts, corporate events and have even performed Internationally.

In 2013 we spun our award wining Photo Booth service off into a separate business Photo Booth Plus.

We’ll do everything possible to make your event more memorable. If we’re ever at a crossroads, we will always choose the option that makes sure you and your guests share incredible memories that will last a lifetime!