All DJs are NOT Created Equal

At Snapfuze, we pride ourselves on providing the right DJ for your event.  All of our DJs are versatile and can adapt to their environment, even if the event calls for a different vibe than initially expected.  When wi-fi access is available, we can even jump online and grab a special song if there’s one you forgot to request in advance.  That being said, we want to make it known that nightclub DJs are the best DJs.

It may not be the most intuitive thought in the world, because you probably thinking, “I don’t want my corporate event to feel like a nightclub”.  Rest assured, neither do we!  The reason nightclub DJs are the best is because the club is like a DJ’s  “classical training”.

Just about any DJ can play dinner and cocktail hour music, but a nightclub DJ understands how to get the party going.  If people are timid in approaching the dance floor, a club DJ has experience getting on the microphone and interacting with the crowd.   A club DJ knows how to watch the audience and transition from song to song at just the right moment.  Being able to transition in and out of a song is one of the most important skills for any DJ to have (especially a wedding DJ), because a good DJ should be able to accommodate song requests without losing the attention of the crowd.

The select few DJs that we work with at Snapfuze all got their start as nightclub DJs.  From there, they’ve had years of experience DJing weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and concerts spanning various genres of music, but night club experience is definitely the secret weapon!