Strike a Pose: Get creative in the Photo Booth

Thinking of going prop-less in the booth? The photo booth props- the hats, glasses, wigs or whatever you might choose, will definitely help create some fun pictures and a lot of laughs. Then again, it can be just entertaining when you strip off those props and strike a pose! Whether on your own or with a group, if you’ve got a little creativity and a plan, you’re bound to produce a few photo strips worth hanging on the fridge.

Balloon-Artist-Photobooth-PoseOne of our favorite recent photos (left) was taken at Eastern Michigan University’s Winter-Fest celebration. Beyond being impressed that he finished making the balloon dog in four shots, we can definitely say that this strip is one of a kind!Creative-Photobooth-Pose-for-Couples

The picture on the right we found on Pinterest (where else!) of this super creative couple and we love their idea!

If you don’t make balloon animals, or have another photo strip to walk into, we have a few ideas for you for the next time you’re in a Snapfuze booth.

The first is super simple.

  1. Shot One: Everyone stand and face left
  2. Shot Two: Everyone stand and face Right
  3. Shot Three: Face each other (face center- half looking right, half left)
  4. Shot Four: Face away (back to back)
  5. Alternate poses: Face forward to the camera, or face away with your back to the camera

For the second, think three wise monkeys.

  1. Pose One: Hear no evilPhotobooth-Pose-Idea-Wise-Monkeys
  2. Pose Two: See no evil
  3. Pose Three: Speak no evil
  4. Pose Four: Either go with the fourth wise monkey and Do no evil (crossed arms), or give a good guilty smile, like you got caught doing wrong, to imply you have not learned from the wise little monkeys.

Do you love art?

Why not pose in the photo booth to emulate some of your favorite pieces?
DaVinci's famous Mona Lisa
Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa – Decide for yourself whether or not she’s smiling.

Art inspired idea for Photobooth pose, Creation of Adam
Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, the Creation of Adam

The Thinker, by Auguste Rodin

Edvard Munch’s, The Scream

Our fourth idea is…

Why not go on an imaginary roller coaster ride! Some of the funniest pictures, second only to photobooth pics, are those that are taken on amusement park rides. Combine the two and you can’t go wrong!

  1. Shot One: Hold that make-believe handle bar as you come up over the first big hill. Let your face show whatever excitement or terror you might feel!
  2. Shot Two: Throw your arms up and scream!
  3. Shot Three: Let your arms and torso swing left around a corner
  4. Shot Four: Clap, laugh, smile, cheer, or cry- whatever you feel when the ride ends

Are you a sports fanatic?


There are tons of poses you could choose from! Throw your arms up like your team just scored a field goal, or give some of your best touchdown dance moves. Say a quick prayer of thanks like Tim Tebow, or give your best Heisman stance. Point way out to the outfield before you hit that homerun, call a runner safe on base, or line up for the wave.


Prefer Basketball? Let your hand hang in the air as you watch that three-pointer sink in, nothing but net. If you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, show your best uppercut, bolo, or whatever might get you that k.o.


Love to Dance?

Psy performs Gangnam StyleDance-Inspired-Idea-for-Photobooth-Pose-YMCABust a move in the booth! You can freestyle and just see what happens when the picture snaps, or choose some moves and hold the pose. Go Gangnam Style, do the Hokey Pokey, or teach someone to
Dougie. If you know the choreography to Beyonce’s “Put a Ring on It”, then go for it! Or, even something cheezy like the YMCA or the Chicken Dance. Do the Hustle, the Macarena, or Vogue.  Even if you don’t want it played at your event doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it.


There are limitless possibilities to poses you can work into the four shots that make up each strip. You can simply choose different expressions- showing your angry, confident, scared, excited, happy, guilty, flirty, sad, tough, crazy, silly, or kissing face. Or you can let your creativity run wild. Either way you will have a great time and leave with some awesome pictures!

What are some of the best poses you have tried? Or, do you have some great ideas for some you haven’t yet had the chance to try? Let us know!