Was that your photo booth on the Groupon Daily Deal?

A few of our  clients have seen deals on groupon, living social and other daily deal sites such  for 50+%-off the regular price of a photo booth and wondered if that was Snapfuze Photo Booth & DJ Services? As a general rule, if you see a daily deal, the answer is, No. It wasn’t us. We generally don’t participate in those offers. Let me tell you why.

Those ‘deals’ are often companies going for a bait and switch.  The company offers a super-cheap photo booth rental for 50%-off. Once the customers book and realize many of the options they desire are stripped out, they end up adding everything they want back in and it’s no longer really a deal.

The last deal someone inquired about us matching the price for was a 2-hour photo booth rental, but then the company’s website said that if you book on Friday, Saturday or Sunday you have to book for at least 4 hours. After you added the price in for the additional 2 hours, plus including a prop box, a guestbook and multiple prints per photo booth session there was no deal in sight.

The problem for the customer is that the deals are nonrefundable, so once you buy into the deal and pay your initial $250 you’re locked in. The company will either give you the $250 service you won’t be happy with, or you’ll pay for the extras just to keep from feeling like you’re wasting the initial money.

Also, most deal sites generally take up to 50% of the discounted rental fee. Why wouldn’t a photo booth company offer the highly discounted booth price on their own website (and keep the 50% that groupon takes) if they are truly willing to perform a worthwhile service for that amount? We can’t answer this question, and it’s why we don’t participate.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a quote from an article that goes into even more detail about daily deals and whether they’re a good idea for Merchants:

Usually merchants are asked to reduce their prices by 50 percent for a daily deal. The daily deal sites then take 40 to 50 percent of the already discounted revenues, leaving merchants with roughly 25 to 30 percent of the retail price. Only if the customer buys another item or service at regular price along with the discounted item does the merchant likely make a profit.

We don’t intend to bash other companies, or say that every photo booth company in Michigan operates this way. We just want you to be aware of the options and select the company that is right for you.

It’s likely that our prices will never be the lowest. Our goal is to offer the best possible value in a photo booth service by helping you create the most memorable events. For us, that means using professional photography equipment to capture high quality photos, and paying a bit more to our employees so we can hire and maintain incredible service.

If you think about food, cars, housing, the cheapest option might be what fits best into the budget, but it’s not generally the best.  Photo Booth rentals are no different. You deserve the best, don’t you?

Daily deals might get you an ‘ok’ photo booth rental, but if you’re planning an event where ‘ok’ isn’t good enough, check out our Michigan photo booth rental service. We’d love to work with you!